YMAA Boston Workshops

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Contact: Ben Warner
YMAA Boston
5 Basile St • Roslindale MA, 02131
617-363-9622 • info@ymaaboston.com

Register for one or both workshops.

White Crane Qigong: Soft body White Crane exercises can teach practitioners of all levels to move efficiently in a fluid and relaxed way. Improve overall health by learning to move the body as one unit while coordinating breath and Qi flow. Employing these techniques in the basic patterns will allow practitioners to better understand the martial applications and how to generate power efficiently.

Qi Xing (Seven Stars) is the first White Crane solo barehand sequence in the YMAA curriculum. It includes five basic hand patterns combined with fundamental stepping. Training Qi Xing enables practitioners to build a basic understanding of White Crane body structure and power manifestation.

This workshop is suitable for all ages and experience levels, whether improving health or understanding martial applications.