YMAA Western MA Workshops


Thursday, July 13, 2017

Jon will be teaching in Western MA with fellow YMAA Retreat Center student and Massachusetts native Quentin Lopes.

Contact: Jeff Rosen
YMAA Western MA
221 Pine Street
Florence, MA 01062

Register for one or both workshops via email.

YMAA Taijiquan Curriculum Review (4pm – 6pm)

  • Taiji Fighting Set
  • Yang Style form review
  • Taiji Symbol (Silk Reeling)

Staff Fundamental Training (7pm – 9:30pm)

In Chinese martial arts, the staff is usually the first weapon taught to practitioners to build a foundation for all long weapons practice. Staff training teaches students how to utilize both hands to handle the weapon and maintain proper distance. This workshop will cover basic solo and partner exercises for Shaolin and Taiji staff training.

In additional to developing martial arts skills, staff training provides health benefits including improved body coordination, increased upper body strength, and increased flexibility in the joints.

This workshop is suitable for all experience levels.


YMAA Quebec Shuai Jiao Workshop

Friday – Sunday, August 11-13, 2017

YMAA Quebec
616 B St-Vallier ouest
Québec Qc Canada G1N 1C5

View the Facebook event page before registering via email or phone.

Shuai Jiao (摔跤) is a generic name for Chinese style wrestling practiced within a martial arts system or as a sport. In modern usage, it can also refer to any form of wrestling outside of China. “Shuai” means to “throw to the ground” and “jiao” means to “wrestle or trip using the legs.”

Shuai Jiao is one of the four main categories of fighting in traditional Chinese martial arts. The other categories are: Kicking, Striking, and Qin Na (or “Chin Na,” joint-lock and control). Kicking and striking can be used for all ranges of combat while Shuai Jiao and Qin Na are especially used in short-ranged fighting.

Applying Shuai Jiao techniques effectively begins with understanding how to intercept, repel, and neutralize. The techniques can be incorporated into all martial arts styles.

This seminar will include following:

  • Set ups through intercepting, repelling, and neutralizing
  • Techniques in the YMAA Shaolin Curriculum
  • Techniques from Taijiquan postures

The techniques are focused on takedowns and will not cover most aspects of grappling (such as submission holds or turnovers) or competition rules. Many techniques are related and overlap across other martial arts styles.

The seminar is suitable for:

  • YMAA Shaolin & Taijiquan students
  • Beginner to intermediate level students in any martial arts style. (Having a basic background is a plus but not required.)

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