Tiny Homes

This spring, we had four small sheds built in preparation for the influx of students arriving in the fall. Due to building codes, we weren’t allowed to install electricity. (However, the chickens have lights so, can’t we let a chicken stay inside and call it a coop?) Despite the drawback, it’s like camping in luxury. 

Hermit’s Trace (unofficial road name )

Previously, I stayed in one of the downstairs cabin rooms and my chronic sleeping problems were exacerbated by a few noisy visitors. Some would wear shoes and walk around like elephants, slam the doors, take long showers at late hours, wake up early and move about, or chat late and/or early. I could hear pretty much everything.

Photo: Jon

Photo: Jon

Before the varnish smell was even gone, I moved into the shed and I was in heaven! It was quiet aside for the sounds of scurrying animals and occasional rain.

There are three windows on the walls and a sky window on the ceiling, all giving me a view to nature. I spent almost all of my down time here with the door open and the occasional visitor.

It feels like I’m in my own tiny home. I couldn’t live here forever without utilities and a kitchen, but it’s a great residence for the next 2 years.



It’s liberating to clean out my possessions at the Center and at home. When I clear out the physical clutter, my mind clears up as well.

“He who owns little is little owned.”

– Henry David Thoreau

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