Taiwan Demo

The demo for Grandmaster Li was an overall success! It was not without its low points, but we managed. After a day of traveling and a day of visiting Grandmaster Kao’s school, performing an informal demo, and taking a tour around Taipei, we were jet lagged and exhausted.

First, there were about 20 performances from the Taiwanese side and then we had a little over 30 performances from both the RC and YMAA International students. We didn’t rehearse the group greeting with those who don’t train at the RC, so we started off with a greeting that was so bad, it was funny. I instructed everyone to turn and greet Grandmaster Li first, and then greet the crowd, but half did the opposite. Then the last person in the row didn’t immediately exit the stage so we just stood there soaking in the awkwardness. It probably made the rest of the demo a little easier knowing we couldn’t screw up any worse.

The surface was extremely slippery so I was unable to generate power from the ground. My lower half was floating and I did my best to not fall over. Despite that, the sequences went just about as good as they could be given the circumstances and my kicks actually felt good. I wasn’t as nervous as I thought I would be. Maybe it was because I’ve performed in front of bigger crowds. Maybe it was the jet lag.

We were on TV!

More about the Taiwan trip later…

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