Leadership Mode

It’s tough being a leader when you’re simultaneously a classmate (similar skill level), housemate, and sister/mom. You have to create a boundary to challenge and push your class, then switch back into the more friendly and sympathetic roles.

Since last year, I’ve been in the rotation to lead the warm ups and basics before sequences. I’d do it to fill in for the seniors and to build my teaching skills. However, I can’t say I put 100% effort into it like I do with other tasks or projects I’m passionate about. The warm ups weren’t easy, but they weren’t inspiring either. Yes, I want to be a teacher, but it’s a different feeling from teaching a regular class of students who are beginners compared to you. Here, I don’t have the best form so I can’t be the best example. Sometimes I’m at a loss as to how to help someone or correct a bad habit, and that’s if I even see it. Most of the time, I just want to be the student.

Why wasn’t I putting 100% effort into leading warm ups? I wondered that myself. I didn’t have a good reason not to, so I decided to change that starting last week. We need to push ourselves for Taiwan and it’s a great marker, but we need to keep pushing beyond that. We need to have fresh warm ups. Different ways of training the same skills. Different combinations of drills. This is a daunting goal, but when I lead for the next 2-3 years, I want my warm ups to be unpredictable. We’re working on group kicks and group Gong Li Quan for Taiwan. Sometimes I focus on improving different aspects of quality, sometimes I drill them for endurance. When you’re in charge, you get that extra boost of energy because your class depends on you. It’s tough to be a creative and effective leader, but it’s just another challenge.

One thought on “Leadership Mode

  1. at our school we have 5 instructors at different skill levels and we rotate monthly leading the class. really does help. everyone learns and teaches differently.

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