May the Force be with you

Keep working at it. Just when you think you aren’t making progress, you’ll surprise yourself.

I noticed this in my leg strength. I hold lower stances for longer periods. I’m way past the physical prime age, but I jump higher than before. I get lower for Pick Up the Needle from the Sea Bottom. This semester, I discovered I could do squats with my feet together. Part of it was strength, but another part of it was my lifelong ankle inflexibility problem. Last week, I discovered I could do one-legged squats although I didn’t train for them. I just decided to try.

Last month, I complained about sucking and I used my frustration to jump up on mats. I wondered how high they were compared to the rail surrounding the madrone tree. The rail is about 1 inch below my belly button and it seemed pretty high when I first got here.

Today, May the 4th, is Star Wars Day! Today, I decided to find out if I could jump up on the rail. Inspirational people and stories in all walks of life motivate me. Some are real, but a lot of them aren’t. Today, it was Star Wars.

Motivation is contagious. When we see one person achieve a goal, it makes us want to go for our own. Even though it’s Cinco de Mayo for most of you, go for that goal that’s so close to your reach. Use the Force.

The rail doesn’t seem to high anymore. I’m going to do this every year.

One thought on “May the Force be with you

  1. Great,Michelle ,and I like your smile


    從我的 iPad 傳送

    > a Rabbit and a Dog 於 2015年5月5日 上午12:43 寫道: > > >

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