Lion Dance at HSU

The Chinese Students and Scholars Association of Humboldt State University saw our demo in Eureka and invited us to perform at their Lunar New Year Celebration on February 19, 2015.

It was one of the rare times we were allowed to skip and go off into society! I even brushed my hair. We got a little more nervous when they told us a few reps from the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in SF would be in the audience, but it went smoothly. The lion and drum stayed strapped down in the pick up truck. No one messed up (too noticeably), and the audience loved the lion dance. Quentin and Piper have been upping their game with each performance. It’d be nice to have more performers but Jon and Nicky were in Chile and Javi was in Europe so it was four of us.


The only problem was my point and shoot camera stopping in the middle of the lion dance. What happened after the video was: the lion went into the audience and played around, then came back and jumped up to eat the red envelope held by Enrico while standing over the stage.

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