Short Rods Trailer

Short Rods Trailer from Barking Rabbit Media on Vimeo.

Director’s Note:
This was my real first solo project – first time planning all the shots, directing, shooting with Jon’s camera (not an easy feat on manual settings), and editing in Final Cut Pro.

After production (shooting), I didn’t touch it for almost a month. The talent performed well, my shots turned out almost the way I wanted them, but I didn’t know how to edit. The clips were trimmed and lined up, but they didn’t make short rods look exciting.

Then, my media teacher came, gave me basic tips, and the wheels started turning. My media production skills and confidence tripled within her one week visit. Our slow internet connection makes it almost impossible to search for background music, but somehow I lucked out and stumbled upon “Parametaphoriquement” by gmz. I plugged it in and it flowed. It’s really cool when the beat just perfectly matches a shot, like it’s meant to be.

It can always be better, but I’m pretty pleased with the final result. The only thing I didn’t get do in post-production was color correction, which will take more time to learn.

I’ve come a long way from “Pineapple” and “Javo Potter” :)

Thank you media teacher, Nicky, and Jon!

(The bird’s eye view was shot from Dr. Yang’s balcony :) )

White Crane Double Short Rods will taught at the:

10th YMAA European Summer Camp
August 15-23, 2015
Bordeaux, France
Register at:
Hosted by: YMAA France

3 thoughts on “Short Rods Trailer

  1. Nice! Music works well as you say. Have been wondering what music you used for “Short Rod Basics” in earlier post. Would like to get that cd. Thanks

  2. Michelle I like your editing and how its progressed. You put out nice work! If I can offer my personal input on what would make for more appealing or exciting videos- in other words, videos that people want to see- videos that people search for…
    My suggestion is to show more sparring. REAL sparring. Show that these flowery moves-which are finely executed- actually work! The public is simply no longer impressed by nice looking moves, no matter how perfectly executed. In the day and age where so many impressive moves have failed in real application, leaving “masters” beaten, embarrassed, and humiliated – youtube is flooded with examples- videos showing “nice moves” are simply unimpressive in themselves.
    The goal of the Retreat Center as I see it should be to establish that this fancy stuff actually works. Kung fu has developed a very bad reputation for being impractical. You, Michelle, and the other students of the Retreat Center are among the very few in a position to do something about this. If Traditional martial arts have value it should be the purpose of your videos to show this to the world. People will be excited to see that what you train is not only good for show but also works. Otherwise your videos are no different than the many other videos available on youtube-videos that are viewed with increasingly more skepticism and ridicule year after year.

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