Chinese New Year Article

Chinese New Year Celebrations – Yesterday and Today

“The days leading up to biggest Chinese holiday are palpable with excitement. Traditionally, Chinese New Year is marked with feasts, new clothes, red envelopes, performances, games, and lighting firecrackers late into the night. The two-week long celebration is the time to visit loved ones, welcome the spring, and wish for luck and prosperity in the New Year.” Read more at

Throwback CNY photo from 1994!

1994.02.13 stick dance2

Dance for the Andover Chinese Cultural Exchange Chinese New Year Party


3 thoughts on “Chinese New Year Article

  1. Very nice article! “Gong hay fat choy!” Did I spell that right?

    Years back (many), I learned Guang Ping Yang Tai Chi in Chinatown, San Francisco. There was always a BIG parade for New Year. I didn’t understand what was going on, but it was quite a spectacle. And LOTS of firecrackers!

    We live in the country now, next to a horse ranch. One of their paddocks is reserved for goats and sheep, now including 4 baby lambs about two weeks old. After your article, I will see them differently.

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