4 videos 4 days

After my last post, some people (mainly my parents) were kind of concerned so I just want to say, “thank you” and don’t worry. It was just one page in a very long book.

Update from the past few weeks… Jon passed the hamster costume on to Piper and suggested we make our own dinosaur costumes (which apparently looked like pandas from certain angles). We drove to Ferndale for a harvest festival but they canceled the event so we went trick-or-treating instead. (We only went to 2 houses so I wouldn’t feel too guilty about taking free candy meant for little kids.) With the dino costume on, I probably passed for high school or even middle school age.

Our media teacher brought her equipment so we could hone our skills. We recreated a scene from a movie with different people in different roles (director, camera, audio, talent). I don’t know if any of them will be shared publicly since they were shot for training purposes and let’s be honest, they were pretty bad :p


On the high logs with Jon’s very expensive camera


Directing “Javo Potter”

Then, we shot footage for 4 projects within 4 days and still kept up with most of our training. Tue: lion dance & demo, Lisa’s lesson. Wed: speed training, conditioning, qigong, redwoods, promo, interview. Thu: interview, Lisa’s lesson. Fri: promo, interview, another interview. On repeat: charge batteries, set up tripods and audio, shoot, put away tripods and audio, log footage and clear memory cards. We didn’t have time to shoot for a 5th project so that will wait until next week. IMG_3892sm

Promo: We put up a green screen, which took several hours to iron and set up. The shots didn’t look right, so a few days later we set up a white background, which took another few hours. I had the simple task of walking two steps and turning 180 degrees with a smile, but it’s harder than it sounds when you’re trying to get rid of a “butch” walk and you have a serious/mean resting face. We also got some sweet shots in the redwoods which looked like a scene right out of a movie.

Featured Student – George: George from YMAA Boston came and I bugged him all week to shoot a feature on him. Barking Rabbit Media wants to shoot a series profiling different students to show what martial arts and qigong are, and who studies them and why. George gave a heartfelt and insightful interview and I can’t wait to start my first big editing project. Thank you George, for giving me so much of your time and for being an inspiration to so many people. I am honored to have worked and trained with you.


Not posed, good form and timing :)

Featured Student – Virgil: Jon started a video on Virgil back in February and we shot a follow up interview and some b-roll footage.

Lisa O’Shea: We shot her two stretching lectures for in-house reference. Lisa is many things – qigong practitioner, qigong & TCM healer, nutritionist, stretching coach, life coach, singer and guitar player, and probably a lot more. I’ll have to shoot a feature on her next time. Lisa’s Qigong Institute of Rochester


Lisa helping us be healthy

What is downtime?

More photos on Barking Rabbit Media’s Facebook Page

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