Trinidad CA

Free time is from Saturday evenings through Sunday evening. Training-wise, we’re fortunate. In the olden days, people trained every day. For those living normal lives, you may think we’re deprived :p Since Jon and I teach at 3pm on Sundays, we plan our rare adventures for the morning and early afternoon.


Moonstone Beach (credit: Jon)

Jon is in his 7th year in Humboldt County and two weeks ago, he finally ventured north of the airport for the first time. We left the Center at 7:30am and drove 80 miles north to a town called Trinidad. (We typically drive at least 30 minutes to go to a town, park, or other place to explore or shop for essentials.)

Moonstone Beach was foggy when we arrived (around 9am) and there were only a few surfers and dogs with their owners. Apparently you can see sea lions and find moonstones, but we didn’t look because we only stayed for a moment before hitting the next stop. I would come back and spend more time here.

The Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse was a replica of a former lighthouse so it was tiny. The view was nice, but I’d rather spend more time at the other stops.


Beach below lighthouse (credit: Jon)

View from lighthouse (credit: Jon)

View from lighthouse (credit: Jon)

College Cove was one of my favorite spots because of the blowhole! Blowholes are created by caves that have vertical openings that allow water to blast upward and out with the right conditions. We arrived at around 10:45am when the waves were pretty strong. I’m more excited about blowholes than the average person so you may want to skip this stop to spend more time at the next one. M7A8550sm M7A8545sm

Trail to Wedding Rock from Patrick's Point Lookout

Trail to Wedding Rock from Patrick’s Point Lookout

Patrick’s Point State Park was another highlight. It’s a huge park with a lot of trails, lookout points, and wildlife. The lookout points offer stunning views of the ocean and the waves. Within the park is a recreated Yurok Village and Native American Plant Garden which we unfortunately didn’t have time to visit. There is an $8 all day parking fee well worth the cost. I’m definitely coming back. We stopped at Agate Beach within the park which was nice, but a bit of a let down compared to the blowhole and the lookout points. If you like beachcombing, all of the beaches we visited are good places to go.


Patrick’s Point Lookout

The Beachcomber Cafe was just down the road from the Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse. I like how Humboldt has these earthy crunchy places where eateries use local organically grown products and this cafe used dry erase markers on laminated paper to take your order and make signs for flavors of the day.

Delicious not-too-sweet carrot cake

Delicious not-too-sweet carrot cake

And then it was time to leave and teach our classes.

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