Diet & Food Awareness

Diet Awareness & Accountability

(continued from Diet Assignment Day 1)

Ben Warner from YMAA Boston challenged his students to track their diets for 7 days. The idea was to be aware of what they put in their bodies and to take the first step in changing their diets, if necessary. Over the summer, my diet was cleaner with mostly fish instead of meat, more raw foods, and fewer sweets. One of my goals was to continue this while at the RC. It’s not that easy when you live in a community and take turns cooking. The food we purchase is based on our budget and what the majority eats. If you want to go on a special diet, it’s more time, effort, and money on your end and sometimes it’s an inconvenience to the cooks. Some students and visitors have managed to do it without much disruption and I respect people’s individual diet choices if they’re healthy. It’s just a lot easier to follow when you’re on your own.

This was an interesting exercise and I’d recommend you try it. At times, I hesitated in eating something knowing it would show up for everyone to see. However, I got over that quickly. After tracking my diet for 7 days, I realized a few things.

  • I eat more than I thought. I knew I ate a lot for my size, but wow…
  • I eat less meat than I thought. So far, my body feels good. It felt better on a mostly seafood and vegetarian diet, but it’s too expensive to eat like that all the time. I suspect eating less meat might make me eat more because the other foods aren’t as filling, but I will eat more veggies and fruits instead of sweet and salty snacks.
  • Everyone here has the ability to cook well. Just look!

dietday2 dietday3 dietday4dietday5 dietday6 dietday7

People ask if we have a strict diet and as you can see, we don’t. I would like to align my diet with my training, so I’ll talk to a nutritionist. I’m experimenting with Cytomax sports performance mix and coconut water electrolytes on some days. (But I don’t like all the added sugar). I also sometimes drink Raw Meal (meal replacement powder) – I don’t replace meals, but I consume a little after intensive training blocks to replenish my body with vitamins and minerals.

In my 20’s, I used to be on a See Food Diet but now I’m more conscious of what I eat. If I don’t see it, I’m much less likely to eat it. It’s up to me to eat slowly and realize when I’m full, then leave the dining area, otherwise I’ll see this:


Food Awareness

My friend has a photo book called “What I Eat: Around The World In 80 Diets.” You can see a few diets in this article.

Of course, a proper diet depends on a person’s size, activity level, individual health needs, and income, but many people don’t even have enough to eat. It really puts things into perspective. Think about this: “about 1,675 lbs of food per person, 30% of all food in America, approximately $48.3 billion worth, is thrown away every year.” That does not include water used to grow the food. If you eat a lot of meat, a lot of water has to be used to grow feed for the livestock. California and other states are still experiencing a drought, so why do we still continue being so wasteful? View this slide show to see other countries that waste a lot of food.

IMG_3328In the summer, we grow enough veggies to feed the 30+ people here for seminars. Now that we have half that number (it will be less when the 4 visitors leave), we have a huge surplus in the garden. Also, our chickens have been laying 30-40 eggs per day.


To help avoid letting the food go to waste,
I’ve been bringing kale and eggs to our Fortuna students.


10 lbs of kale


kale jungle

Try to be more aware of what you eat and how much you need to eat.
Your body, wallet and the earth will thank you.

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