Year 2 Begins

Summer in Andover was good. I worked so I didn’t train nearly as much as I wanted to, but my body also appreciated the rest/recovery time. I need to find a balance so I don’t push myself to the edge and have to crash immediately afterward the semester ends.

Before sending me off, my mom took pity on the poor condition of my socks and bought me a bunch of new pairs along with other training clothes. When I arrived at the Center, there was a donation from a student who had been to many of Dr. Yang’s seminars in Andover. I met her a few times before, but I hadn’t seen her in a while. Our media teacher fed me, drove me up to the Center, and gave us an intro to editing with Final Cut Pro. (She’s also supported me in many other ways). I can’t express my gratitude for these continued gestures of support in my quest to complete the program. Thank you.

dry sunflower

Back to the Center. Xiao Hu has been eating well. I really missed the view of the mountain. When you have good and bad moments in the same place, it’s easy to overlook the beauty of where you are. We’re dealing with the severe drought so we have to save water for the toilet and watering the garden. It makes doing the dishes take like 3 times longer than usual and I’m taking cold navy showers. I’m a greenhouse kid so I’m not used to this, but then I think of the people who have to deal with much dire water shortages and I remember where I am.

Training will be painful for the next few weeks but I’m psyched to move forward. This semester I want to get back into Short Rods and tackle San Lu Pao and Kun Wu Jian and polish and better understand the other sequences. The 5YP students have been reviewing our semester goals and we’re excited to jump in. We also want to up our media skills and see where we’ll go from here.

That’s it for now.

3 thoughts on “Year 2 Begins

  1. Always a fan of Traditional Chinese Kung Fu, especially from the lineages in Taiwan and Hong Kong, and I have actually kept up with Dr. Yang’s retreat center. I think the greatest fund raising for the center would be if Dr. Yang was able to train someone to use the system in MMA. I just hate that everyone in the MMA world laughs at kung fu. Maybe it’s not part of kung fu philosophy, but I’d love to beat fire with fire at some point…

    • Hello K,

      Thanks for leaving a comment. I agree that success in MMA would definitely bring exposure that could benefit the RC, but at the moment I don’t think any of the students are aiming to compete in that circuit. It requires a different type of training focused on playing by those rules. I don’t know much about MMA, but just keep in mind that any true martial artist respects others and knows that there’s no superior style, it’s about the fighter. Thanks again for reading :)

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