For media studies, we’ve been shooting stills with Jon’s Canon EOS 500D. We learned about adjusting the shutter speed, aperture, and ISO depending on the subject, background, and the effect we wanted.

Last week, we had our first video assignments:

1) Practice shooting: zoom in & dolly out, zoom out & dolly in, truck & pan a stationary object, truck & pan a moving object, tilt down & pedestal up, tilt up & pedestal down (15 minutes)
2) Come up with an idea and storyboard for a silent video (45 minutes)
3) Shoot video with clips in order according to the storyboard (15 minutes)

There’s a lot of negative space and shakiness but we had limited time, no fancy equipment besides a hand held camera, and an inexperienced camera person (me). Despite that, I’m quite happy with the final product. All but the last shot were shot in one take. The only editing I did was shave off the beginning and ends of the clips.

Thank you to Piper, Quentin, and Frank for their superb acting!

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