DVD Shoot

This past week, the 5YP students got to participate in our first YMAA Publishing DVD shoot as crew members and talent. We shot for 2 1/2 days, 8 hours a day, for 2 DVDS: “Neigong” (“Internal Training”) and “Meridian Qigong.” I helped with lighting, logging the footage, and some action shots and I was tired, but not compared to Dr. Yang, the cameramen (Jon & Javi), or director (David Silver).

The experience was good and it went pretty smoothly considering it was our first real shoot and I didn’t know I would be appearing in front of the camera until 5 days before… You can catch me trying to not screw up on the “Neigong” DVD, which will be out in the fall. It’s geared more towards martial arts practitioners, but the “Meridian Qigong” DVD contains basic exercises that everyone can do for general health (due in the summer).

I’m still recovering from the shoot, so I’ll leave you with some photos!

Album here



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