New Schedule & Updates

Dr. Yang, Jon, and Nicky are spending 3 weeks in Chile and Argentina
for summer camp and seminars.


Pucon, Chile


25mph wind

Meanwhile, it’s rainy season here but we’re getting a reprieve with partly sunny days this week. California’s had the worst drought in over a century, so we do need the rain for the vegetation and our water supply. I like rain – the sound, that refreshing feeling, curved reflections on raindrops, sipping on a hot cup of tea or chai while looking out the window… I even like training Qigong and Taijiquan in really light rain, but training Shaolin is hard because it’s slippery and my feet get soaked because of the holes in my shoes.

We’re having work done on the cabin so the students get to sleep inside the warm house in beds. I’m not complaining about the cabin (I get my own room and bed because I’m the only female), but there’s a greater appreciation for comfortable and convenient sleeping quarters.

We’re also having work done on the gym so between that and the rain, we’re really limited on training space and we can’t train on the obstacles. We can work more on bags, rooting on bricks, wrist conditioning, dan tian training with a staff, iron board bridge, candle watching & punching, partner drills, body weight exercises, and angling with sequences. Going all out on sequences and weapons have to wait. I actually like having a change up in the schedule. It breaks up the monotony and it’s good for our bodies to focus on different types of training and recover from others.


Wooden panels will soon line all the walls

New Schedule

Speaking of schedules, we’re a month into the semester and I’m still testing out a new schedule. The 5YP students have more freedom to plan and we can start to focus on areas we want to improve in so each person has been experimenting with different routines. We still need to do the obstacles (logs, stumps, posts, trampoline, bars) until we get the feeling, but we’re spending more on sequences and we have a long way to go.

Spring 2014 SchedThis is my proposed new schedule. I’ll run the mountain 2-3 days a week with 50 lbs and run half of it to save time. Maybe I’ll run the full length from time to time. Breaks are usually from 4:30-5:00pm, but I’m cutting mine short (except on cooking days) and shifting them later. On cooking days, I won’t run the mountain and I’ll move the 30 minute break to 5:30pm so I can cook from 5:30-7:00pm straight.

I want to use the open blocks to work on partner drills for sparring, weapons reaction, and matching set sequences. We’re starting regular lessons in massage on Wednesdays mainly to learn how to heal ourselves and others.

The schedule is flexible and will change depending on how things go – sometimes you get caught up in a discussion while analyzing a technique, you want to spend more time on a drill, you need to give your muscles or tendons a break from another drill, it rains, etc…

Lastly, we have a new batch of baby chicks!


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