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Thursday 10/17/2013 (Day 46)

I had a rough start to the day, but it ended with progress in some areas. Much of my improvement came from overcoming fears of falling and crashing.

I did a front handspring for the first time! I didn’t get that on video, but I did get this:

I’ve improved in jumping over the stick, but I have a tendency to collapse my arms during the landings since my shoulders and arms are sore all the time and this was shot after 40 minutes of tumbling. My neck was pretty sore, but it feels better now. My shoulder on the other hand, is more sore, and a big knot has formed on my shoulder along my gall bladder channel. Good thing I have acupuncturist and tui na practitioner Gray to work on me.

For mountain running, Gray told me to not use weights and to let my arms swing loose to relax my shoulders. This was harder than I thought it would be because you have less balance. It also looks pretty funny.

Stump Running:
In the very beginning, I’d slowly step on each stump. They aren’t planted in the ground so some are very wobbly. Two weeks ago during our test, I ran forward and back for the first time and clocked in at 49 seconds. The test forced me to just go with it, and I found out that it wasn’t that much harder to go a bit faster. I have to find the center of the stump and push off quickly onto the next one. It gets harder when you try to go faster, and people have fallen and scraped themselves on the edges of the stumps. That’s no fun, but it’s part of the training. Today, I did it in 25 seconds!

Cinder blocks:
I hadn’t been noticing a big improvement in tossing cinder blocks, but today I tried tossing with one hand for the first time and I could actually do it. Later on, I’ll work towards playing catch with other people and heavier blocks.

High Logs:
This is mostly in your head. These logs are high and if you think too much, it gets scarier. Of course you need to train balance and root, but doing so on the low logs will help prepare you for the high logs. It wasn’t until Day 15 when I got up on the high logs for the first time this semester. I only sat on the log, hugging the tree and afraid to stand up. On Day 29, with some help, I got up and walked around the logs with ropes above. On Day 30 (test day), I got up by myself and walked the logs with ropes in 1 minute 26 seconds.

Today, I walked the same distance in 51 seconds, and went across 2 logs without ropes in a total time of 1 minute 16 seconds. It was the 2nd time I had gone across the 2 logs without ropes. Those are the easier ones. There are 4 more logs without ropes and then I have to make a complete round by climbing across the horizontal rope.

I still have a lot to work on, but it’s good to know that I’m making some progress, however small.

2 thoughts on “Progressions

  1. I like how Jon looks at the camera when you almost broke your neck :) I hope its alright, I hurt my neck like that before and I think it clicks now because of it. Just some advice your probably are aware of just in case, the shoulder in full flexion is most stable in external rotation. So if you were doing a handstand with your elbows locked having them point forward or in rather than outward would be the most stable. The same for if you were doing Olympic weightlifting and overhead squatting or pressing, the external rotation creates the stability in the system (the shoulders and upper thoracic spine, which is connected to the heel bone and so on). Its important to note that the rotation happens at shoulder level, not so much elbow as you might grind your elbow joint down trying to create extra rotation. The elbow is more of an indication of what is happening at the shoulder. I hope this allows you to ease yourself down easier :)

  2. Hi Adam, my neck is still a bit sore, but it’s mostly in my shoulder where the big knot formed. Thanks for the tip! I’m working on keeping my arms more straight for my landings and for the front flip.

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