August Updates

We’re at the Retreat Center!

August flew by and I’m backlogged with messages to reply to (I apologize, I will get back to you soon) and updates, so here we go!

Indiegogo Goal Surpassed!
I had no idea how much I would be able to raise through Indiegogo. Part of me wanted to use the power of positive thinking to believe that I could raise the entire 5 years’ worth of tuition and maybe some extra for the Center. Realistically, I hoped I would raise $4,000 for this first campaign since I know I need to be in the program for some time to gain confidence from supporters and in myself. I haven’t done the final calculations yet (subtracting expenses like DVDs, supplies, shipping fees, etc…), but I have enough funds for more than 1 year!

I was worried I wouldn’t have any good Perks (prizes) to offer. Most crowdsourcing campaigns are launched by people who need help with their start up company, film project, or art project. They can offer things such as the finished product, screening tickets, signed DVDs or artwork, music downloads, concerts, etc… I have fewer tangible Perks to offer due to the nature of my cause and my current knowledge and experience. I was blown away by how many people simply donated funds without claiming Perks and I’m really grateful for that.

If you’ve claimed a Perk and haven’t received it by 9/6, please let me know (ymaamichelle[at] I have a few video dedications to shoot and I think those who claimed them will like them since the Center will be the backdrop. It is really beautiful out here.

I can’t thank you enough for your support. I wish I could give out free t-shirts to everyone who wanted one. One of the things I can offer is a glimpse into my life here at the Center and I will continue to do so with more blog and video log updates. There’s a lot on my mind, so stay tuned!

A few people messaged me asking how they could contribute now that the Indiegogo campaign has ended. I will have more campaigns in the future, but as of now, I have a PayPal link set up (funds are tax deductible since they go directly to the RC, but they count towards my tuition).

PayPal Link
Someone had issues with this link so if you do, please email me.

The other method is to send a check.

Payable to: YMAA Retreat Center
Memo line: Michelle Lin Tuition

Mail to:
YMAA Retreat Center
PO Box 290
Miranda, CA 95553

Last days at Andover
On my second to last day at YMAA Andover, a lot of students showed up to class wearing my shirts to support me and my new adventure. This sounds cheesy, but it was really touching. I miss you guys already.


Kasey (The Evening Star Art) gave me a goodbye present, which was a handmade journal that took her over a year to make. Thank you Kasey!

Read about the process of making the journal on Kasey’s blog:

YMAA International Summer Camp
Years before I considered applying for the 5YP, I made it a goal to attend an international camp. The training mentality is different in Europe and I wanted to see if I could survive a camp and meet students from around the world. With the help of a sponsor and extra t-shirts sold to students who attended the camp, I was able to go!

Orientation started today, so I will post more detailed updates and photos later. Thanks for your patience!

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