Tiger Claw Elite Championship 2013

Last month we attended the Tiger Claw Elite Championship (formerly Tiger Claw’s Kung Fu Magazine.com’s Championship) in San Jose, CA. This was our 4th time attending so it was nice to see some familiar faces.

A few days before the tournament, I injured my hand during speed training. It wasn’t anything too serious; I had just gotten my fingers caught and they extended a bit more than they should have. Nonetheless, preparing for a tournament and then having to go in injured sucks. Luckily, I was able to recover enough to be able to use it on the day of the competition.

This year’s results:

Traditional Northern Barehand (18-39, Adv) – 2nd 
Traditional Short Weapons (18-39, Adv) – 3rd
Traditional Long Weapons (18-39, Adv) – 2nd

Nicholas Yang
Traditional Northern Barehand (18-39, Adv) – 3rd
Push Hands (Restricted Step, 166-180lbs) – 3rd

Quentin Lopes
Traditional Short Weapons (14-17, Adv) – 2nd
Traditional Long Weapons (14-17, Adv) – 2nd

Javier Chadud
Traditional Northern Barehand (18-39, Beg) – 3rd
Tai Chi Other/Internal (18-39, Beg) – 1st

The day after the tournament, we were asked to partake in Kung Fu Tai Chi Day, an annual event hosted by the magazine in one of San Jose’s park plazas. Our performance was only about 3 minutes long with Taiji Fighting Set, San Cai Jian, and San Cai Dui Jian seen here:

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