YMAA Boston Charity Demo

Thanks to Ben Warner and YMAA Boston for inviting Andover to perform at the charity fundraiser! I haven’t visited Boston in a while and it was good to see familiar faces. I hope we raised a lot of funds for The Home for Little Wanderers!

The demo went well for most performers, but started out disastrous for me. Sha Shou Jian (殺手鐧) [Killing Hands Rods] was my first sequence and before I was up, Jim Noble gave me tips on getting the jing out. I kept thinking about it and when I performed, I did part 1, part 3, and tried to go back to part 2. Awful.

Qi Mei Dui Gun (齊眉對棍) [Equal Eyebrow Staff Matching] and Kong Shou Dui Gun (空手對棍) [Barehand vs Staff] were better.
We’ve been working on making Shuai Jiao (摔跤) [Short Defense] more interesting and rather than just a single punch, the attacker would add something before it. It was sometimes (often) silly, but it’s about time was injected intentional humor in our demos :)
That demo might have been the last one before I leave for California.

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