Lion Dance for a Wedding

Usually, we only perform lion dance around Chinese New Year. This time, it was extra special because we were invited to perform at the wedding reception for the son of a YMAA student. Thank you for inviting us and CONGRATULATIONS D & A!

With no formal training, we put together a routine and added our flavor to make it more interesting, albeit less technical and traditional from other lion dances. Each performer is different, and being a fan of dogs, I like to give my lion a friendly dog-like personality. Alain helped by giving the back end some bounce. Kasey diligently prepared for her debut as lion dance drummer by learning from her brother (a drummer) and watching YouTube videos.

For some reason, I held back and I wasn’t moving the head as much as I should. Maybe it was nerves. At some point, I lost my right contact lens towards the end! I also didn’t stuff the envelope into my belt well enough and the lion “regurgitated” it… Owell! Next time I will stuff it down my pants. TMI?

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