Chile Trip 2013

February was a pretty busy month. I traveled with Dr. Yang and Nicky to visit our friend Daniel in Chile (Daniel is the school director of YMAA Chile, which is the regional headquarters to all YMAA schools in South America). This trip would be special as it would be the first time a South American YMAA school would be hosting an international summer camp, where schools and individuals from all over would travel to spend 10+ days doing nothing but eating and sleeping their training regimen (hey, that sounds familiar). The outcome of the summer camp was a great success. Well over 50 participants from Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Chile, Uruguay, Venezuela, the United States, and even Canada showed for the Qigong for Health, Qigong Massage, and Taijiquan seminars.

Daniel hired me to do some video stuff for him while I was there. I ended up having to climb up a volcano for some shots he wanted. So, in addition to the required food and supplies we had to bring up, I had to stuff a camera in my backpack as well :P After a long hike up, we finally made it to the top. I think I enjoyed the journey down more though. It was less painful and a lot more fun. Our guides had us slide down the sides of the volcano in the snow. We were supposed to use our icepicks as a method of braking, but going fast was way too much fun :)

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