Winter Break: Part I

This next post is written by the both of us together. We have color coded our separate sections so it’s hopefully not so confusing :)

Jon – Red, Michelle – Purple.

Winter break this year was pretty great and admittedly I would not have liked it to have ended so soon. But, duty calls and I am now back at the center, back in training.

Things started out awesomely. To give you an idea, it was kind of like this (except I got Red) :)

Yes, Michelle got me a Nintendo DS Lite with Pokemon FireRed and got herself Pokemon Sapphire in hopes that we could “catch ’em all” together. I have to admit that I spent more time playing the game in the first week I was home than I should have. I now have 56 Pokemon in my pokedex and 8 gym badges. I had cut my playing time down to make sure I wouldn’t finish the game before my break ended :P

Ye. Pokemon Fire Red :)
We high-fived. Awesome!

Jon sent this comic to me a while ago and my goal was to reenact each slide (I even bought a headband with a black bow) and have it captured in photos. Unfortunately, Sapphire didn’t arrive in time (1st seller became inactive and I had to order from another) and Jon’s reaction was not as dramatic as Derp’s. (I have 1 gym badge and I’m having trouble remembering what types of Pokemon beat what.)

In addition the beginning of a great winter break, Michelle and I went skiing with her friends at Loon Mountain in Lincoln, NH. Unfortunately the weather and the conditions of the mountain weren’t as good as we hoped them to be. The slopes were all still half covered in ice and it was pretty dangerous to go down them, but it was the first time I had been skiing since the program began at the Retreat Center and I had a blast.

Also included in our ski trip was a group dinner at the Common Man and a group breakfast at Flapjack’s Pancake House the next morning. Both were delicious and both are highly recommended.

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