Winter Break 2012

And here’s another entry to continue our apparent series of posts to try to bring readers up to speed of the activities of the past year!

As usual, I stayed at the center during Winter break to maintain the land and take care of the animals while Dr. Yang traveled to Taiwan. Because of this, I had my break in February again.

Although it was vacation time, February became a fairly busy month for me. To kick things off, we were invited to perform at the Greater Boston Chinese Culture Association’s annual banquet. “We” included Jamey, Michelle, myself, and my friend Jon. Jamey and Michelle performed lion dance to Jon’s drumming to start the show. Since we weren’t the only acts, our martial arts performance was not immediately after the lion. This gave Michelle a break before she had to go up again.

(L-R) Jamey, Jon, myself, and Michelle

During our time off, we went over our demo order:
Michelle: Xiao Hu Yan
Jon: Bagua Dao
Michelle: Qi Xing Dao
Jon: Taiji Sword
Michelle: Staff Medley
Jon: Spear

Not very much time at all for breaks. Luckily, we found a friend in the audience who was more than happy to help us out. Enter Andrew with two Praying Mantis sequences. Ye! Things went fairly well until I went up with spear. I didn’t even get about 1/4 of the way through my sequence when I broke my weapon. Actually, it was Nick’s weapon, so sorry Nick :( Don’t worry though, he returned the favor during our ESPN shoot :P

Some highlights from the demo at:

Another demo soon followed. We began performing at the Children’s Museum of Boston, MA many years back for their annual Chinese New Year celebration. Since we began, they have continued to invite us and we have been returning every year. This year we had a pretty good line up. In addition to the Andover demonstration team, Nick joined us from Boston with Ben and Alec.

YMAA RC, Andover, and Boston

During February break, Javi flew over from California. The plan was for him to come visit the East coast for a video project, then we would fly down to Texas together for the International Chinese Martial Arts Championship (ICMAC) in Houston, TX. For Javi’s visit out East, we took a few days to collect footage for a project for YMAA Andover and Yang’s Fitness Center in Andover, MA. The idea was to create three videos. Two shorts for their website as well as a longer educational piece for the Andover Public Channel. The videos should be up fairly soon.

After filming, we quickly changed gears and switched back into martial arts mode. We flew down to Texas together to visit Javi’s family for a few days in San Antonio before driving over to Houston for the ICMAC tournament.

Tournament results:

  • Javi
    • Traditional Long Fist (18-34, Adv) – 2nd
    • Taiji Sword Weapons (18+, Adv) – 3rd
    • Taiji Pushing Hands (Restricted Step, 18+, < 160 lbs) – 1st
    • Continuous Sparring (18+, Adv, < 165 lbs) – 3rd
  • Jon
    • Traditional Long Fist (18-34, Adv) – 1st
    • Traditional Long Weapons (18-34, Adv) – 3rd
    • Traditional Short Weapons (18-34, Adv) – 1st
    • Traditional Others Weapons (18-34, Adv) – 1st
    • Yang Style Taijiquan (18+, Adv) – 1st
    • Taiji Sword Weapons (18+, Adv) – 1st
    • Taiji Other Weapons (18+, Adv) – 1st
    • Taiji Other Style (18+, Adv) – 2nd
    • Grand Champion: Traditional Northern – Men
    • Grand Champion: Taiji – Men

Upon returning to the Center in March, we had to prepare for two big video shoots.

The first was done by my friend, Ian W., who was a student from YMAA Andover and who now works for a company called Again Faster.

The second video shoot was with ESPN. They contacted us for one of their E:60 segments. It’s supposed to air sometime this fall.

Well, that’s it for now. More to come later! :)

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