YMAA New Beginnings

On August 11, 2012, we had the last YMAA Boston test at 38 Hyde Park, Jamaica Plain. I arrived at 11:30am and the Taiji test was still going, so I went to the carpeted room to start warming up for the Shaolin test. The school looked pretty bare as many pictures, flags, weapons, and equipment were already gone. Tests always run longer than planned, so I had time to kill (I mean… practice!). I decided to grab a sandwich at Fazenda and hoped that I would not be going up anytime soon. It was probably the last time I would ever walk down that street and go to that cafe. It was a weird feeling.

I wonder how long these guys have been up here for

Most students passed at least one requirement, so I was happy for them. It was ugly, but I passed Kun Wu Gun (崑吾棍). It needs a lot of work, but I like practicing staff and what little I know of for spear drills. I like how a staff is seemingly non-threatening, and the versatility of using both ends to block or strike. Scott earned his red stripe in Taiji so Amesbury is now a YMAA branch school! Way to go judging panel for testing from morning until 4pm!

Pass or Fail. Win or Lose. Take it the same way. The moment is fleeting and there’s always more work to do.

After the test, we had a potluck to mark the relocation of the school, Nick’s new life at the Retreat Center, Mrs. Yang’s 30+ years of devotion to her family and YMAA, and it was also Dr. Yang’s 66th birthday! It was great seeing so many students come together at this location one last time. A few YMAA babies also made appearances. We always forget to take photos until after most people leave :-/ I won’t post any close up pics in case people are protective of their privacy. If you want any full sized pics, please message me.

There was still a lot of disassembling and clean up to do, so we gladly helped out. We took apart the wooden bleachers downstairs and cleaned out various parts of the school.

I wonder what will happen to this mural

YMAA Boston has relocated down the street to: 5 Basile St., Roslindale

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