2nd ICMAC Boston

The Andover students did great! I think everyone is looking forward to competing again next year. Hopefully, we’ll bring even more students.

Sully was bi-winning!

As for me, it went terribly! :p It was a bad day from the start. I got up at 4:30am before drifting back to sleep. When I backed out of the garage in the space van, I hit my own car in the driveway. Good thing the damage is virtually unnoticeable. One of my favorite parts about driving the Demo Team is the car ride. It’s always fun to hear their conversations and games. I played “We’re going to Ibiza” by the Vengaboys and they thought the lyrics were “We’re going to eat pizza” :) I think I like their version better.

Back to the competition. What happened? A lot has been on my mind for the past few weeks so I wasn’t focused. I messed up on the Long Fist Medley, Staff Medley, and Short Rods. I forgot where I was, made stuff up, and ended up facing a different direction from where I started. I felt pretty crappy at the time, but I can laugh about it now. I was even smiling before I did Short Rods because I knew I had no chance of winning. The Short Rods form doesn’t look flashy, and I had only been practicing for a few months so I can’t get the power out. One judge did say he enjoyed watching Short Rods, because they don’t often see it.

There were only 1-3 competitors in the Women’s Advanced divisions, and I lost in everything! Performance order:

  • 3rd place – Northern Long Fist (Long Fist Medley)
  • 1st place – Southern Short Hand (White Crane Medley) (I’m not even sure if White Crane is Short Hand or Long Hand! Anyone know?)
  • 2nd place – Long Weapons (Staff Medley)
  • 3rd place – Short Weapons (Qi Xing Dao)
  • 2nd place – Open Weapons (殺手劍 Sha Shou Jian – Short Rods)
  • Traditional Northern Advanced Women Grand Champion (by default, no other competitors competed in enough categories)

The Long Fist Medley was a total disaster and became even longer because I repeated a part. That drained me. I hid my Staff & Short Rods mistakes alright, but still ended up on a different side. Needless to say, I will not be posting these videos :p I don’t even want to watch them myself. Crane was as good as it could be, given where I am with it training-wise, but it has a ton of mistakes. Qi Xing Dao was also surprisingly okay, given how much trouble I have with that sequence. I don’t think I could’ve done much better at this point in time.

One guy broke a staff (one of those thin toothpick ones), one girl landed wrong after a tornado kick and was lying in pain for a while (I think she tore a knee ligament), and girl used a flute in the Open Weapons category (yes, she did play a few notes during her sequence). There were no puddles on the floor this time :)

Lesson of the day: I need more mental and emotional training so I can stay focused under pressure

The best thing I heard that day – after my Long Fist Medley fiasco, I sat there (probably) looking a bit dejected. A judge came up to me and said “For what it’s worth, I thought your form was the best. It was the only one where I could feel it.” That made me :D I’ll take that comment and 3rd place over 1st place any day.

I’m glad to be done with competitions for a while. I want to focus on other parts of my training and I want to practice a lot more before I compete again. I’m also glad to be done with recap entries for a while :p

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