Year 4 Updates

It’s been a long time since I last updated and a lot has happened. Last time I wrote an update, I accidentally deleted it. So, I’m taking some advice and starting in a text document before hand :P Let’s see… I haven’t updated since last September. That’s a pretty long time. Here’s an update on year 4. Well, part 1 at least :)

Year 4 had a pretty rough start. Frank wasn’t able to come back to the Center at the beginning of the semester and ended up being a month late. In that time, we had to prepare and shoot our next set of Taijiquan Applications videos. Being a guy down wasn’t too bad, it was just a little harder getting the projects done on time, but we got through it.

In addition to getting our Taijiquan Application videos done on time, we decided to produce a three part series for Breast Cancer Awareness month in October.

Qigong for Breast Cancer (Part 1)
Qigong for Breast Cancer (Part 2)
Qigong for Breast Cancer (Part 3)

Research was done by all and then compiled and condensed down to a final script by Javier. Jachym was in charge of directing while I filmed with Eddie’s help. We were lucky to have some volunteers come in to stand in to compliment Javi’s job in presenting and teaching. With everyone’s help in finding images and offering comments/suggestions, I edited our videos and split them into three parts, uploading them at various times of the month. This project was extremely beneficial in teaching us how to work as a production team. It also gave me a lot of camera and editing experience, to help with our next set of projects.

In addition to producing our Qigong for Breast Cancer series, we decided to offer our media skills to the local community. Javi and I went around to different cafes in town and proposed to shoot quick advertisement videos for them. The deal was, they got a video and we got experience and more connections with the people of our surrounding community.

Deb’s Great American Hamburger

Javi and I spent weeks talking to local businesses, preparing interview questions, scouting locations, and eventually editing. Although it took a lot of our free time to complete the videos, I think it was worth well it. We made friends in town and leveled up again in our media production experience.

In the month of October, we were also invited up to the Salmon Creek Community School up the hill from us. They had a guest speaker, Ms. Tamara Wilder, come to talk to us about paleotechnics (ancient arts and technologies). We learned how to make fire with sticks and got to experiment with ancient weapons such as the bow/arrow, javelin, rabbit stick, and atlatl.

The month of October ended with our attendance at the annual neighborhood Halloween party. The Salmon Creek Community School hosts the party once a year and people from all over come. I was surprised to see live music from bands from as far as Portland, Oregon come join in the celebrations.

Well, that’s it for now. More to come! Thanks for being patient :)

2 thoughts on “Year 4 Updates

  1. Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for producing that breast cancer qigong series. My mom has been using them as she fights through her second bought of breast cancer, alongside the chemo and meditation and all that. It was very timely, and has helped a lot. Definitely worth your time, from our perspective. I'm glad you found it beneficial, as well…I also very much enjoy the hamster costume there. nice touch. :-P

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