Note: Updated on 7/5/12 with videos

Kung Fu Magazine celebrated its 20th anniversary on June 9-10, 2012 with the 4th Annual Tiger Claw’s Kung Fu Magazine.com Championship (TCKFMC), Gala Banquet, and Street Fair.

YMAA brought the arsenal: Retreat Center (Dr. Yang, 3 program students, 2 visiting students, 1 student of the RC students), New Zealand (1), Andover (1), and 3 moral supporters/videographers. Weapons: spears, staffs, swords, taiji sword, sabers, and double sabers.

Nicky – Double Saber – WildAid
(photo by: Kung Fu Magazine)

I’ve attended TCKFMC twice as a spectator, due to my knee injuries. This time, I attended as a competitor. I did my best to stay relaxed by stretching, loosening my spine, doing run throughs, taking slow deep breaths, and not watching any competitors before me. But still, my nerves came out at the first move. I rushed my sequences and compromised my form. Stances were MIA again. No big deal though, it was still a good and fun experience. There’s performing well and placing well, and next time I want to be better at both.

I registered for the intermediate rather than advanced divisions because it was my first big competition and I didn’t want to shoot for 3rd place. (The divisions mix genders so I would’ve been up against Jon and Nicky.) My first category was Northern Barehand and it was me against two guys. Both of the other competitors were docked 1/10th of a point from their average score, because they were under the 45 second time limit. Without the penalty, I still would’ve beaten one guy and tied the other, but it didn’t feel like a “real” win. Immediately after, I competed in Southern Barehand against two girls and took 2nd place. This is what endurance training is for.

Shi Zi Tang – Northern Barehand
(photo by: JC)

Luckily, the judges broke for lunch so I could take a breather before the Short and Long Weapons categories. Saber was so-so, but staff was pretty bad. I was used to handling a thinner and lighter staff so some places were really sloppy. I made mistakes in every sequence, but that’s bound to happen when you’re nervous.

Qi Xing Dao – Short Weapon
(photo by: JC)

During Nicky’s spear sequence, I heard my name being called, so I ran to the middle of the convention center for the WildAid division. I stood next to the stage and watched tons of flips, and heard lots of screaming and sounds of flimsy weapons. WildAid is open to all competitors of all ages and styles, and this makes it hard to judge. Sometimes the judges are looking for more flash, other times they are looking for traditional forms. At this point, I was pretty tired and I just wanted to perform. I knew I had no chance of winning, but I wanted to get out there, have fun, and debut my long fist’s greatest hits medley! :) I flipped my belt with Mockingjay out. I was ready to rock.

(I’m at 0:48, Jon is at 1:07, Nicky is at 2:10)

My results:

  • 1st place – Northern Barehand (Shi Zi Tang video)
  • 2nd place – Southern Barehand (instructor-made white crane sequence video)
  • 3rd place – Short Weapon (Qi Xing Dao video)
  • 3rd place – Long Weapon (self-made staff sequence video)
  • unplaced – WildAid (self-made long fist sequence video)

The top 3 eligible scorers in each division compete again for the Grand Champion titles. While I was performing for WildAid, apparently they called my name for the intermediate title. Nicky talked to volunteers and they told him I was on the list. I walked over and looked for the list. I didn’t see the list and I asked the head judge at my ring. He said, “Ask this guy, he looks like he knows what’s going on.” He didn’t. Then a lady told me to go to another table. I asked the girl there and she said “Your name is definitely on the list,” but she didn’t know where I was supposed to go. I walked back to the first table and looked for the list again. I saw Jon and Nicky’s names on the advanced list, but the intermediate list was still nowhere to be found. I saw another competitor from my northern barehand division and he was just as confused as I was. I walked back to the second table and the girl said, “I realized what happened. I’m really sorry. They called your names, but since you didn’t show up, they gave the title to someone else. Sorry.” Oh well. I was a little disappointed at missing the chance to compete, but I also wasn’t sure how my form would look at this point in the day. It was probably around 5pm and I was washed (as they say at the RC).

Long Fist Medley – WildAid
(photo by: Kung Fu Magazine)
Jon – Baguadao – WildAid
(photo by: Kung Fu Magazine)

I walked to the trophy table to give them my scoring cards. I told them they could keep the trophies because I wouldn’t know what to do with them and I couldn’t take them on the plane. They made me take them anyway. I left the 1st place trophy at the RC to add to their collection :)

Everyone else from YMAA performed well. Jon competed against Nicky and took the Traditional Kung Fu 18+ GC title. Now that was a nice looking trophy.
(photo by: Kung Fu Magazine)
I’m looking forward to redeeming myself at ICMAC Boston on 7/7. Afterwards, I’ll be glad to focus more on period requirements.

2 thoughts on “4th TCKFMC

  1. The Wildaid video was an awesome display of your white crane! But, what was up with that Wushu guy that followed you? The outfits that some of these contemporary martial artists wear are ridiculous, seriously, sometimes I wonder if they know they are competing in a martial arts tournament or attending an anime convention oO

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