Diamond Jubilee

I’ve always liked having food/culture/movie themed gatherings. For Italian night back in college, we ate pasta fagioli, wore bed sheets as togas, and watched Goodfellas. We also tried French night and German night with varying degrees of success.
How did we spend Memorial Day weekend? By celebrating Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee of course :) We went all out…

Napkin bunting! (flags)
Pimm’s and soda 
Main dishes:
Asparagus pastry cigars recipe
Chicken salad with couscous recipe
Smoked salmon and dill sandwiches recipe
Sausage rolls recipe
Bread and butter pudding recipe
Jam roly-poly recipe
Raspberry sorbet, bread and butter pudding w/ custard, jam roly-poly,
chocolate and white chocolate covered pretzels, fruit & almond trifle (recipe), and tea w/ cream
There was also mint lemonade (recipe) which reminded me of mojitos.

How am I going to top this with the next food entry?!

Sampson the kitten joined us

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