Spartan Race

I asked my friends if they wanted to join me for a race. One replied:

“Michelle, you are over the map with your activities.  I’m beginning to think more and more you missed your calling as a soldier – intense discipline, physical training, situation awareness. I now think ballroom dancing isn’t such a terrible idea anymore.”

Oh, this is the race I signed up for:

“From a young age, male Spartiates were trained for battle and put through gruelling challenges intended to craft them into fearless warriors. In battle, they had the reputation of being the best soldiers in Greece, and the strength of Sparta’s hoplite forces let the city become the dominant state in Greece throughout much of the Classical period. No other city-state would dare to attack Sparta even though it could only muster a force of about 8000 Spartiates during the zenith of its dominance.”* Spartan women were also educated and expected to be athletically fit, as the Spartans believed that strong and healthy parents would produce strong and healthy children.

I don’t know what I’m getting myself into because they don’t tell you what the specific obstacles are, and I’ve never done anything like this. I just know that the race is 3 miles long, there will most likely be a lot of mud, barbed wire crawl, rope climbing, wall scaling, stump running, and much more. Watch here!

To prepare for this, they email you Workouts of the Day, but I have yet to complete one. I’m not running to compete, I just want to cross the finish line. I’ve started using some of the gym equipment to work on pull ups and rope climbing. I’m also trying to do extra drills in kung fu class and using ankle weights occasionally. I will definitely need to up the intensity of my workout. I’m especially weak in the cardio area and I’ve started to run, although I really dislike running.

dad: how far did you run?
me: 1 mile! *smiles*
dad: *LOL* I’ve never heard of anyone running just 1 mile.
me: … -.- baby steps

Why am I doing this?

  • Extra motivation to train and be in good shape
  • “Fun” bonding experience with friends
  • To have a good story to tell
  • I’m a little crazy
  • Because I can

And… I want to yell “THIS IS SPARTAAAA!” at the finish line.

My starting time is: 2pm on Sunday, August 12, 2012 at Amesbury Sports Park. If anyone wants to come watch and cheer us on, there is a $15 spectator fee. Moral support is free! More info here.

I’m tapping into the inner soldier in me.

There’s also an inner ballroom-dancer-wannabe in me, but that part will have to wait :)

*Harley, T. Rutherford. The Public School of Sparta, Greece & Rome. Wikipedia – Spartiate

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