ICMAC Boston 2011

YMAA at ICMAC Boston, MA on July 30, 2011

After party at YMAA Boston :)
Nicholas Yang performing double saber

The International Chinese Martial Arts Championship (ICMAC), a worldwide circuit, was held in Boston, MA for the first time this summer. Many schools attended as nearly 400 competitors appeared to represent their New England schools. Many students from Boston, Andover, and Amesbury were in attendance and represented YMAA as both competitors and supporters.

Everyone from YMAA gave great performances, especially YMAA International’s president, Nicholas Yang. With his brother and many of his students there to cheer him on, he competed in 12 categories, placing in all of them, and ended up taking home two grand champion titles by the closing of the event.

YMAA Andover also sent two students to the competition, gaining a total of three placements. Two 1st’s and a 2nd. Congratulations to both of you for being so successful in your first tournament :)

Here are placements from the adults that attended:

Nicholas Yang (YMAA Boston)
– 1st, Southern Short Hand, Advanced Men (18+)
– 1st, Long Weapons, Advanced Men (18+)
– 1st, Short Weapons, Advanced Men (18+)
– 3rd, Open Weapons, Advanced Men (18+)
– 2nd, Yang Style Taijiquan, Advanced Men (18+)
– 2nd, Other Style Taijiquan, Advanced Men (18+)
– 1st, Taiji Sword, Advanced Men (18+)
– 2nd, Taiji Other Weapons, Advanced Men (18+)
– 1st, Xing Yi, Hand Forms, Advanced Men (18+)
– 2nd, Bagua, Hand Forms, Advanced Men (18+)
– 2nd Bagua, Weapons, Advanced Men (18+)
– 1st Liu He Ba Fa, Hand Forms, Advanced Men (18+)

Ben Warner (YMAA Boston)
– 2nd, Northern Long Fist, Advanced Men (18+)

Scott Tarbell (YMAA Amesbury)
– 2nd, Taiji Sword, Advanced Men (18+)
– 1st, Taiji Others Weapons, Advanced Men (18+)

Jonathan Chang (YMAA Retreat Center)
– 1st, Yang Style Taijiquan, Advanced Men (18+)
– 1st, Northern Long Fist, Advanced Men (18+)

 Ben Warner and I receiving awards

Yes, I also competed in Boston this year… and yes, I decided to only compete in two categories this time. It was supposed to be my vacation! :P Also, my bad-luck streak with tournaments continued at this one. The air conditioning in the gym where the competition was hosted had a small leak and had dripped some water into our Northern Long Fist ring. Needless to say, I slipped and fell on the area, earning me the nickname of “Puddle” …thanks Nicky :P


After the tournament, we headed back to YMAA Boston for a little after party. There was lots of food. Pizza, cake, chips, cake, soft drinks, cake, and some cake. Yum :) 

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